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One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?
– Steve Maraboli (via ding-ang-bato)

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If you can just stop loving her then you never really loved her at all. Love doesn’t work that way. If you ever truly love someone, then it never goes away. It can become something else. There are all different sorts of love. It can even become hate—a thin line and all that—and, really, hate is just another kind of caring.
– Blakney Francis, Someone I Used to Know  (via ding-ang-bato)

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You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.

– danielle laporte (via ding-ang-bato)

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Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.
– Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy (via)

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In life, you’ll realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet. Some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you, and some will against you. You can’t please everyone. Ever. So live your life your way. How you want to. Other people’s opinions aren’t needed.
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People who are more neurotic tend to be more immersed into the films they watch.
  (via psych-facts)

I miss you. No, let me correct that, I miss the old you. I miss the old you that cared about me and the old you that would treat me so well.
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act like best friends, fight like a couple, care about each other like siblings, and talk like lovers